21. april 2011

Learning on the Run

Todd Hitchcock & Bill Zobris wrote an article called Learning on the Run for SIIA. It’s worth a read. Here’s the intro:
Seems strange, but less than a decade ago, someone walking down the street with a cell phone pressed to his or her ear were looked upon quizzically, perhaps even with envy. Then, wireless headsets added large numbers to those roaming the streets talking to thin air. Again, heads turned and wondered first about the general state of mental health in America, then about the technology that enabled it. More envy. The next phase involved more dangerous behaviors as mobile users soon were hunched over and engrossed by their screen so that walking into streetlights or worse, causing traffic accidents from texting became common. Today, we are at the precipice of a leap forward in how most people use their mobile devices. In particular, access to the web via a smartphone will facilitate rich interactions versus simple communications described above. It’s in this realm that mobile learning or mLearning will emerge as perhaps the most important development in learning since the personal computer.

They quote a recent Morgan Stanley report suggesting that we are “now to be at the beginning of a new computing cycle that roughly approximates the decade when ten times, or ten billion devices, will be attached to the web!”

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