7. mai 2010

Forleggeriets fremtid

Ken Auletta har en glimrende artikkel i The New Yorker om de utfordringer iPad og Kindle stiller forlagbransjen. Som jeg ofte har påpekt: Problemet for forleggere er at de er ingen merkevare - det er bare bransjefolk som vet hva de står for. Auletta siterer Tim O'Reilly: "With the possible exception of Harlequin Romance and Penguin paperbacks, readers have no particular association with any given publisher; in books, the author is the brand name."

Man kan legge til O'Reilly til denne listen - Tim har virkelig forstått forleggeriets fremtid:

Tim O’Reilly, the founder and C.E.O. of O’Reilly Media, which publishes about two hundred e-books per year, thinks that the old publishers’ model is fundamentally flawed. “They think their customer is the bookstore,” he says. “Publishers never built the infrastructure to respond to customers.” Without bookstores, it would take years for publishers to learn how to sell books directly to consumers. They do no market research, have little data on their customers, and have no experience in direct retailing.

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