18. juli 2010

Bootstrapping Innovation

Collective IQ is a measure of how effectively a given group of people can work toward a common goal—how quickly and intelligently they can anticipate or respond to a situation, leveraging their collective perception, memory, insight, planning, reasoning, foresight, and experience into applicable knowledge.

Whether seeking a cure for cancer, pioneering clean energy, turning around a disadvantaged community, or increasing market share, the complexity and urgency of opportunities and challenges we face are increasing exponentially on a global scale. Finding exponentially more powerful ways to collectively address important problems is critical. This is both a dire threat and a golden opportunity. Organizations, initiatives, regions, and nations that proactively increase their Collective IQ to the highest levels in the shortest timeframe will likely surpass those that don’t in leaps and bounds. Bootstrapping Innovation™ is a cost-effective strategic approach for accelerating progress toward this goal. It can be applied by teams, initiatives, and organizations, and readily scales up to a global strategy. The sooner we reach critical mass planet-wide, the better off we all are, and thus there is tremendous value in sharing best practices, and approaching Collective IQ as a Grand Challenge.

Source: Patricia Seybold Group
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